So you’re telling me Google can make me a better data journalist? Is there anything they don’t do?

Note: does not allow for the use of embedding or iFrames. Therefore I could not embed my Google Fusion table onto this blog. However you can view the table by clicking the following link: Schools located within Osceola County. Screenshots are also included below

Using Google Fusion tables is much easier than everyone assumes it is. Their program is very user friendly and a cake walk if you have even the slightest inkling as to what you’re doing. That’s how I was able to create a Google Fusion table which you can view by clicking here. The table displays the locations of all the schools located within the Osceola County School District.

Finding the information to plug in was easy, but setting it up in Excel was the difficult part. Luckily with a few quick shortcuts I was able to take something that would take hours to do manually and whittle the time down to just over an hour to create the table. Not too shabby.

Check out below to see a screenshot of the table itself. Click the image to see the final product!

A screenshot of the table created by utilizing Google Fusion tables. Click the image above to see the table I created.


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